Judson Jay Scott


(Use this in your warm-up to work on extended, even airflow.)
(Blow through the resistance of the valve motion to maximum resonance.)
(Sage advice from Bud Herseth.)
(Notes by John Kafalas written while attending masterclasses by Arnold Jacobs.)
(I only became a reliable trumpeter when I started a regular warm-up rountine.)
(Wide ranging thoughts by David Bilger.)
(Notes on building endurance by 'Pops' Clinton.)
(A compendium of advice regarding braces.)
(Excellant advice from Ray Mase.)
(Mark van Cleve on practicing.)
(Thoughts by Rebecca Root on being a professional brass player.)
(Advice on getting the most out of your practice time.)
(For many years my warm-up was Michael Chunn's "A Trumpeter's Daily Routine." Recently I have started adapting a bit.)
(slowly my warm-up continues to evolve.)
(Follow the advice of this monster trumpeter to become a monster yourself.)